Do not hesitate to use our services to buy your house, sell it, invest, reform it or, simply, decorate it. If you need the energy certificate, a multilingual lawyer, install your alarm, make your move, reform your house or do a home staging, count on us, we will be happy to help you.

Home Staging

Home staging or staging of housing. Do you believe in love at first sight? Would you like your house to increase in value up to 25% more than one day to the next? Would you like to sell your house in a short time? Do you want to stand out from other sellers?… Generate good feelings, sell faster, increase the value of your house: we have good news, now you can get it.

You can choose between 2 options: we decorate it and put it up for sale exclusively for 6 menses, in which case it would not cost you anything extra, but it is a service that we offer you for free, or we would give you a very reasonable, for decorating it and adapting it for the staging for 3 months and we would charge it on success, that is, when you sell the house. In this case we would not have the exclusive, and we would advance our work and materials.

It is a safe bet where we all win. No tricks, everything to achieve your/our ultimate goal: to sell the property as soon as possible and at the best achievable price.


Yes, like on TV. We ourselves are investors in homes that are not always in very good condition, well, rather in terrible condition, even with “occupants”. We see the solution to everything to tackle these problems. Where others see difficulties, we see opportunities.

We also put this advantage that we have at your disposal to collaborate in any investment project that you consider interesting. Together we can make it profitable.